Corporate Legal Services

Since most of the clients of the Law Senate law firm are foreign clients, we also provide certain corporate services. The corporate services of the firm include certain Corporate legal services to overseas clients with regard to Foreign Direct investment, Services relating to Foreign Investment Promotion Board FIPB, Reserve Bank approvals relating to Foreign investment in India, Formation of Joint venture, Drafting of Cross Border Investment agreements, Du-diligence, Registration of Companies in India, Government Approvals, Appearances before Regulatory bodies etc., The Consultants of the Firm have very high expertise in the fields of Company law, investment, excise, taxation, regulations etc., Hence Firm is able to ensure best services.

Foreign Direct investment in India: India is open for foreign Direct investment in many sectors. Now Foreign Companies can open their subsidiary Companies, Liaison offices, branch offices and joint venture companies in India, and do business in India. Due to the changes Government Policies, the foreign investment in India has become much easier. In many sectors Government has relaxed the rules and allow 100% FDI. There are many investments which come under automatic route and others require FIPB approval. The Firm has experience in handling Foreign Direct investment in India. The Firm has Chinese speaking and Japanese speaking professionals to assist us while dealing with clients from those countries.

Reserve Bank Permission and Approvals: Reserve Bank of India is the Central Bank of Government of India. Reserve Bank is a statutory body which has the power to regulate and approve foreign investments. The permission of Reserve Bank of India is necessary in Foreign Direct investment matters, since the commercial banks require approval for repatriation of foreign funds. The Firm handles Reserve Bank permissions and Approvals, in Foreign Direct investment matters.

Drafting of Cross – Border Agreements: The Firm does drafting and settling of Cross – border contracts for Indian and Foreign parties. To draft a cross border contract, you require to have the understanding of the laws of both the countries and also the international industry practices. Contracts are not just to protect the interest of one party, it is a guide for both the parties to execute the contract without any problem. Since the Firm has a Global expertise with regard to dispute resolution, the firm is able to protect the interests of parties.

Incorporation of Companies in India: The firm handles incorporation of Companies in India, only for the foreign investors & Companies. The firm has experience in incorporating Limited Companies, LLPs, Partnership Firms, 100% subsidiary Companies, Joint venture Companies, Liaison offices, Branch offices etc., The Firm has expert consultants having experience in handling such registration of Companies for Foreign Companies. Partner of the Firm Mrs. Yamunah Nachiar has vast experience in handling such incorporation of Companies.

Pre- Investment Survey Reports: Many foreign investors before investing in India require, a survey report of various legal and regulatory matters. Any investor before starting a Company would like to know the Company Management Regulations, Labour law matters, Direct taxes, Excise matters, Indirect taxes, Industrial policy matters, Pollution related matters, Regulatory Procedures, Reserve Bank Permissions, ICPB permissions etc., The Firm has experience in preparing such Reports for a specific industrial or commercial activity.