Any contract which is entered into between parties for a particular commercial activity always imposes complex obligations to be performed by the parties on a particular sequence. When any breach happens in a commercial contract, one of the parties to the contract, must have failed to perform any of their obligations which has either resulted in accost to the other party or has injured the other party.

In case of a legal proceeding the injured party must be able to demonstrate right from the first instance, the nature of injury and the impact of the same on the other party before arbitral tribunal or before a court of law.

Hence a strategy for succeeding in a dispute resolution process does not start after the matter goes to an Arbitration or to a court. It starts from the day of starting of the execution of a contract. The firm helps the parties to formulate and execute the strategy from the date it is engaged. The strategy formulation of the firm is unique and unconnected to the size of the dispute.